The Gump

The walls of the Royal Palace have ears. Two ears to be precise. They belong to the last of the Gumps. More specifically, the head of the last of the Gumps. Once the Gump had been simply a gump, wandering the fields and forests of Oz. And then he was killed. All evidence points to his having been killed by a member of the Royal Family of Oz since his stuffed head ended up on one of the walls of the Royal Palace. This head was brought to life by Tip as part of an escape from Jinjur's Army of Revolt.

After Ozma was restored to the throne of Oz, the Gump was restored to the wall of the palace. There he has remained, listening to all the conversations that happen around him and now and then contributing a word or two himself. He used to ask after the gumps he once knew but no one had seen another gump in decades. Now he mainly asks after the scores of American baseball games.

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